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Amimation of pump in operation

An animation of a
Car-May pump in operation.

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Precision Liquid Control

Car-May provides liquid control systems for precision dispensing and metering.

Unlike basic metering pumps, Car-May's systems provide pumping capability, fluid measurement, and flow control all in one compact module. These valveless, digitally-controlled systems integrate easily into manufacturing processes, lab environments, OEM applications, and custom projects.

Precision fluid metering requires more than a metering pump. To ensure that your fluid metering system is operating properly, flow measurement and flow control capabilities are required.

Traditional Metering Pumps

Metering pumps generally require a flow meter, regulator, or other equipment to maintain accuracy and control over the flow rate. The pump and associated equipment require calibration, and a method for controlling the system must be established. Valves to prevent inaccuracy due to fluid drift within the pump, and reservoirs or dampeners for pulsation reduction are often necessary as well.

Car-May's System

Car-May systems have flow measurement and control capabilities incorporated into the design of the instrument. Equipment calibration is not required because flow rate is not dependent on the stroke length of the piston, as is the case for many traditional metering pumps. Car-May systems control flow rate by the speed (rpm) of the motor. An internally-sealed, valveless fluid path within the pump head provides absolute fluid control. When the motor stops, fluid flow stops. Drift within the pump cannot occur because the inlet and outlet are never connected.

Car-May's fluid control systems are designed for exceptional precision. The Car-May design delivers exceptional accuracy and reproducibility for demanding applications.

Digitally-controlled, valveless fluid motion ensures maximum repeatability of fluid delivery, and increases your process control. This increase in control can contribute significantly toward optimizing your process and reaching your Six-Sigma quality improvement goals.

Chemically-resistant materials such as Teflon, PEEK, perfluoroelastomer, and ceramic are used for the wetted parts of the pump, creating a versatile, durable fluid control system.